Lucy Does a TV Commercial

    Season 1 Episode 30 Air Date: May 5, 1952

    Lucy has the strong desire to be in the entertainment industry and will do just about anything to get the part for an opportunity to do a commercial for her husband Ricky’s show! After telling the girl Ricky hired that they will no longer be needed, Lucy takes her place doing the commercial. With not much time to practice her lines Lucy consumes a product called “Vitameatavegamin” which contains 23% of alcohol with every teaspoon! With far too many takes, and too many tastes; Lucy is left so drunk she is asked by the director to rest up in her dressing room in hopes she will become sober.

    During Ricky’s performance she ends up staggering up on stage and pitching her commercial in the middle of his song. Ricky is desperately scrambling to keep her off screen and ends up carrying her off the stage.